Vintage Pics

The names of each piece appear below them.  Please click on an image you are interested in and you will be linked to a page with more information about it.  If you are interested in buying a clay creation, use the contact button in the top right corner of the page and don't forget to include the name of the piece(s) you are inquiring about in the Subject field.

Diane loves creating with clay and often uses small pieces as collage elements in other artwork.  The masks at the top and the framed pieces at the bottom of the page are done using polymer clay, which bakes in an oven at low heat and is slightly flexible.  The creatures in the middle are made with conventional clay that bakes in a kiln.  The pieces in the middle of the page were done while Diane was an art major and are part of her personal collection, but you can click on them to see more pictures.   

​Clay Creations