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​​​Diane Craver

​​Diane started drawing horses at age 4 or 5.  She came by it naturally, her mother being an artist and art teacher.  Diane started college as an art major but later changed her focus to counseling.  Her passion for creating remained, and consumes all of her spare time: painting, collaging, drawing, working with clay,  making jewelry and even her own clothes.  Diane's work tends to be vibrant and highly textured visually and/or three-dimensionally.  She loves trying out new techniques to add visual and textural variety to her art.

Diane was chosen as one of five artists for an Emerging Artist art show at Art Mundo, in Ft. Pierce, Florida, in 2011 and had  a painting in "The Best of The Best" annual juried art show at the A.E. Backus Museum & Gallery, also in Ft. Pierce, in October & November, 2015.

Diane lives in Palm City, Florida, with her husband of over 24 years, on a canal, where the fish wait for their evening feedings and follow the Cravers as they walk along the canal edge.